Owl Lamp

Type: Animal Lamp

This is Henry our owl lamp and is hand made in white bone china here in the UK as he has been for 21 years! He is a favorite of ours, the design originally inspired by one of our children Henry! An award winning childrens light, it is sure to help babies and children of all ages sleep well. The warm glow lights up the whole of the owl from the inside (so you can even see his feathers) and will reassure little ones should they wake in the night.

Made in the UK exclusively for us by skilled craftsmen in the Staffordshire potteries, each one is hand made and hand crafted to an exacting standard. This lamp is sure to make beautiful addition to any babies nursery or children's bedroom.


Children can wake in the night many times and will often simply go back to sleep if they are reassured by a gentle light and can see their familiar surroundings. Our lamps do just that and as such replace the need to leave on the landing light!

Made in UK

Size: 22cm h x 15 cm x 22 cm